Clasp Add On | Waist Measurements Required

Clasp Add On | Waist Measurements Required

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Please leave your waist measurements in the "notes" at checkout. Your waist measurements are required in order for the clasp to be added. If you order more than one strand please order more than one clasp. 

Please keep in mind that a clasp can be added to strands if your waist measurements are equal to, or less than the inches listed in the description of the strand that you want. 

A clasp is a good addition to your strand if you are still deciding if you want tie on waist beads. 

It is best to remove your waist beads before showering, or getting into water, as water will cause the clasp to slowly deteriorate. 

Be sure to twist your clasp occasionally to prevent the clasp from getting stuck together. 

Please read the "Waist Bead Care" page after ordering. If you have questions, please submit a form on the "Contact Us" page.